May 2, 2017

TekConnX now brings innovative trash management receptacles and solutions to US Government and commercial sectors via our new partnership with Smarter Trash, a division of Bakers Waste Equipment (BWE).

“At TekConnX we have partnered with one of the nation’s premier waste management companies to provide trash impactors/compactors that can save your facility 50% or more on waste handling costs” said Kevin Williams, CEO TekConnX.

“These touch-free SMART impactors are so smart (how smart are they?) that they will alert you via Wi-Fi or LTE for trash collection when they are full. They can impact/compact up to up to 20-to-1 compaction ratio, and they provide improved waste management, labor optimization, and some models even have a dynamic ad and messaging platform that can generate new ad revenue” said Earl Bentley, CDO, TekConnX.

And you can add a security layer if you wish that augments your security infrastructure by adding discreet surveillance cameras and sensors for facial recognition and object tracking, and more.

“We are a full-service solutions provider serving the US Government and commercial sectors and we provide uniquely tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. That is why our waste management and security solutions’ easily configurable technology, combined with its energy efficiency is a “must have” offering that provides the best solution to our customers” continued, Kevin Williams.

About TekConnX
TekConnX, LLC (pronounced “Tek-Connects”) is dedicated to servicing our clients with a wide array of world-class technologies and business-related solutions. Our goal is to partner with our clients so that technologies decrease their costs and increase their efficiency. Whether your business or facility is being designed, or already has systems and solutions in place, our ability to assess, design, retrofit, integrate, and deliver innovative solutions ensures maximized technological efficiencies, and cost effectiveness.

About BWE
Bakers Waste Equipment (BWE) has been a premier manufacturer and supplier of waste handling equipment since 1981 with innovative designs in refuse containers that have become standards in waste containers and compactors.