Patented Physical Security Solutions


Security and safety (as part of the SMART Cities Initiatives) have become very high priority issues in all sectors – Government, Commercial, and Consumer. Over the last several years, millions of video and surveillance systems have been deployed to ensure security. In many cases the videos are not monitored due to lack of man power, hence security is compromised. In some cases, where operators are watching the video, systems rely heavily on a manual process where security professionals watch video streams, identify and flag inconsistencies, abnormalities and possible security breaches.


This approach suffers from major weaknesses – Security professionals face fatigue and stress from continuous video monitoring, varying competency levels, need for continuous training, and employee turnover making this approach prohibitively expensive and impossible to scale. Well, our patented (Patent No. 10,741,031 B2) Automated Surveillance and Response System avoids much of this problem by using automated surveillance, detection, and alerting.

Automated Video Surveillance System

Situational Awareness for Pre-emptive Threat Detection & Response (Patent No: US 10,741,031 B2)

Recent world events have prompted governments and industries alike to rethink their approach to physical security. The threats we face are no longer large-scale military attacks from known adversaries outside our borders. Our fears today derive from the possibility of a small group of individuals, perhaps already within our borders, having the ability to cause a large amount of damage. Such attacks could carry an extremely high cost in terms of economic and environmental damage, reduced national morale, and loss of human life. To address these threats, appropriate video-based counter-measures can be used to detect these hostile patterns of activity.

TekConnX offers a patented (Patent No: US 10,741,031 B2) state-of-the-art computerized surveillance, threat detection, and response system that can provide opportunities for pre-emptive detection and real-time interdiction.

Our platform incorporates programmable audio/video surveillance (via HD IP cameras), threat assessment (via sensors for 3D motion, gunshot detection, chemical, thermal, or smoke & fire detection), facial identification & object tracking, license plate tracking, reporting, and response management onto a single, unified platform. These systems are built on a common IP infrastructure that shares data to assess threats which include facial identification, and report incidents with automated rule-based protocols. The accompanying computerized management system provides real-time analytics that synthesizes data coming from a wide variety of customer-selected devices including HD cameras, sensors, Bluetooth beacons, and wireless access points and notifies security/first-response personnel based on customer-specific rules.

When integrated, the threat detection system results in a robust and comprehensive physical security environment providing visibility far beyond that of legacy systems. Behavioral analysis enhances the effectiveness of our threat assessment services while reducing personnel labor requirements which produces significant cost-savings.

TekConnX Provides Turnkey Physical Security Solutions

TekConnX specializes in deploying state-of-the-art turnkey solutions that are uniquely designed to each customer’s specific requirements because organizations have unique requirements. That is why TekConnX has developed a portfolio of strong partnerships with technology leaders in the space to address these unique needs.

Your Decision

You’re at the point of decision. You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose the road less traveled. Now, the path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to enhance and improve your protective services to the public, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome. Find out what COPS can do to relieve some of your security-related pain points.

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TekConnX provides leading-edge lighting and patented security solutions as part of our SMART Cities Initiative (Patent No: US 10,741,031 B2) that are designed to incorporate optimized LED lighting, complete megapixel IP video surveillance, coupled with various programmable analytic sensors like motion detection, gunshot detection, facial and object recognition, thermal detection, smoke & fire, and chemical detection. Our systems provide the ability for emergency responders to see surrounding intersections and surrounding areas of interest in real-time to improve crowd/traffic control and proactively assess and quickly respond to emergencies.

Our LED Solar Lights are a reliable way to light any outdoor area. Whether you need light to enhance visibility or improve security, our LED solar-powered lights are the most economical solution to light any roadway, parking lot, path, trail, billboard, sign, fence line or complex. LED lighting works much better than traditional lighting solutions, such as halogen floodlights or metal halide lamps, for several reasons, including:

  • Lower energy consumption (LED’s offer the lowest possible running costs: less than 100 watts for the highest power units)
  • Superior quality illumination
  • Instant start (no warm up time for full light output)
  • Flexibility of installation and maintenance

Access Controls

The objective of physical access control is not to restrict access but to control it. That is, the data security administrator should know who is granted access, when access is granted, and even why access is granted.

Access control devices and systems comprise an important part of every security system. Even the simplest single-door access control system includes at least an electric strike to automatically unlock the door, a timer to make sure that the door does not stay open all day, and a bell or light to indicate when the door is opened or that it has not reclosed properly. In a large-scale security system there may be intrusion alarms, exit alarms, closed-circuit surveillance, guards and patrols, physical barriers and turnstiles, and a variety of other devices and systems. The combined advantages of these elements constitute an effective physical security system.

Various access control systems and devices are now available whose combined advantages constitute an effective physical security system so contact us today to learn more.