Artificial Intelligence

Team TekConnX specializes in system engineering and technical assistance by providing unique and high-end analytic solutions to solve complex issues using expertise supported by advanced analytics, mission analysis, planning, and acquisition. The company leverages augmented intelligence and experience from the business community, Department of Defense and Intelligence Community while integrating leading-edge technology solutions to create decision insight and advantage

Our approach encompasses technology, processes, and experience to understand the challenge or problem at hand to develop alternatives and solutions. Our tools include analysis of variables, temporal aspects, and available data using dynamic, agile frameworks to deliver accurate and detailed solutions to solve complex problems and challenges. Our integration of agile principles and techniques for solving problems through team, expert, and community collaboration provide force-multipliers for effective decision-making, action, and results.

Experience and Expertise

Using a blend of advanced analytics, agile frameworks and proven experience from over 100 years of mission and business experience, our team provides cutting edge solutions for America’s toughest challenges.

  • Defense, Intelligence and National Security Experience
  • Space Operations and Space Control
  • Systems Engineering
  • Non-Kinetic Capabilities
  • Command and Control
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Activity Based Intelligence
  • Augmented Intelligence Solutions


Our team of seasoned professionals applies a variety of proven processes to enhance your mission success.

  • Defense and Intelligence Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Evaluation Systems
  • Requirements Development
  • Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System
  • Capability Requirements
  • Contracting

Our team addresses volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity through advanced analytics informed by experience and expertise. Applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence provides mechanisms to address complex, ambiguous activities and help define and clarify informed alternatives.

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