Digital Solutions

Digital Media Content Creation & Presentation

Companies expend huge resources working on their communications—struggling over what’s being said; to whom it’s being said, and how those communications are being delivered. But, what if there was a way to manage and disseminate all your digital content across multiple digital end-point devices, efficiently and cost-effectively?

Well, TekConnX has the answer. Our powerful solutions for creating, managing, and deploying all your digital communications deliver relevant, place-based messages to your internal and external audiences on interactive kiosks, non-interactive screens, outdoor marquees, video walls, desktops, web pages, mobile devices, and more. We have graphic design capability that specializes in Print design, Branding and integrated brand promotion, and web design. So, if you need help in creating and delivering your digital content, speak to us about how we can help.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics is a generic term used to describe computerized processing and analysis of video streams. Computer analysis of video is currently implemented in a variety of fields and industries, however, the term “Video Analytics” is typically associated with the analysis of video streams captured by surveillance systems. Video Analytics applications can perform a variety of tasks ranging from real-time analysis of video for immediate detection of events of interest to analysis of pre-recorded video for extracting events and data from the recorded video (also known as forensic analysis). See how we can help you at

Digital Signage (Kiosks & Way Finding)

Whether you’re a business, shopping mall, a hospital, or a casino, you need to get shoppers, patients, visitors, and guests to the right place, and get them there via the most direct route possible. Dynamic interactive digital signage wayfinding gets people where you need them to be.

Besides the obvious benefits of digital signage like emergency notifications, universities and facilities can leverage their digital signage networks for maps and directions in buildings. Digital wayfinding signage can also provide other benefits, depending on the nature of your organization. For example:

  • Branding/image reinforcement. All wayfinding can carry along your organization’s logo, colors, and other template information.
  • Providing other digital signage information such as weather, company news, announcements, ads, and emergency announcements.
  • Interaction with, concierge reservation/purchase applications to, for example, reserve a conference room.

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Professional Gaming and Simulation

Professional gaming is not only one of the fastest-growing segments of the technology industry but also the fastest-growing segment of the entertainment industry. Gaming is not just about entertainment — game technology is increasingly being applied in a variety of settings, from medical and corporate training to advocacy, advertising, crime scene reconstruction, defense, and emergency response simulation.

We have a broad background in simulation and game development with practical applications in audio/video technology, modeling, design, programming, and management. We also have proven capabilities in 3D modeling, software engineering, database administration, and programming to create simulations and games for training, analysis, or prediction.

Games & Simulations are used in training in an attempt to portray reality for the units or individuals participating in training. Some of the benefits of simulation training include cost-efficient training, training units in tasks that are too dangerous to perform otherwise, and training units in complex tasks in a repetitive fashion. Also, training within simulations enables the senior trainer to control all of the environmental variables and give enhanced observation feedback to the training unit.

The training outcomes are similar to those that would have resulted from a live exercise. There are several ways in which training simulations can emulate actual war or combat conditions. The Army has the capability to emulate or simulate tactical engagements through constructive, virtual and live simulations. Several simulation methods can be employed to meet overall training objectives for the training unit. Selection of the proper simulation or simulations ensures that all tasks are trained and the desired outcomes or training objectives are achieved.

The TekConnX team provides stellar gaming and simulation tools and apps to help your people sharpen their skills—In almost any profession.  For instance, Games & Simulations are used extensively in:

  • Military
  • Hotel Hospitality
  • Bartenders
  • Health Plan Advisors
  • Surgeons
  • Nursing
  • Electronics and Appliance Repair
  • Accounting
  • Firefighters
  • Dentists
  • Truck Drivers
  • Forklift Operator
  • Astronauts
  • Spies
  • Intelligence officers
  • Car Salesmen

Contact us today to see how the TekConnX Team can help you with your Digital Signage and Gaming Simulation Needs.