Have you noticed that the amount of garbage in cities is growing? Global trash production has risen to more than 3.5 million tons, according to the World Bank, which estimates that will hit the 6 million mark by 2025. With loads of trash increasing, disposal costs also are rising — the World Bank further predicts that by 2025, global garbage collection expenses will skyrocket by 83 percent, from $205 billion a year in 2010 to $375 billion by 2025. The predicament is concerning for cities, especially where budgets are already tight.

We have a Patented Internet of things (IoT) cloud solution that can help significantly reduce waste collection costs and is consistent with the national waste management trend in cities to balance costs through efficiency. Our unique line of SMART compacting waste and recycling receptacles along with waste level sensors are designed for high traffic venues such as;


  • Sporting venues
  • Concerts
  • Concourses
  • Event Venues
  • Concert halls
  • Highway Welcome Centers
  • Arenas
  • Airports
  • Mall Food Courts,
  • College and University Cafeterias
  • Hospital cafeterias,
  • Military facilities, and many others.

Our SMART receptacles can detect garbage levels in trash bins and notify waste removal when it’s time to collect. And, aside from the operational benefits, plastic bags and labor savings, there are a number of technologies available with this solution that can provide added value.

For instance, the Digital and Impactor versions add the ability for you to generate additional revenue from Ad wrap advertising, and Digital Signage that will, over time, cover the cost of the unit, with mass emergency notification capability.  Our patented Threat Detection capabilities, enhance security and safety for your patrons and facilities and improves your overall guest experience.

Recycling is growing in importance as plastic and other containers become more prevalent in the consumer goods value chain. For example, 2 million plastic beverage bottles are used EVERY 5 MINUTES in the United States. Having a Smart Trash recycler at the point of waste disposal diverts recyclable commodities from landfills and may create an additional revenue stream. Additionally, less plastic and glass in the compactors increases compaction efficiency, further reducing the frequency of required pickups. The design of the Smart Trash recycling kiosk encourages better separation of trash and recyclables, resulting in low cross-contamination rates (recyclables in the trash or vice versa).

We’re currently working with the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX)  to take our products to the next level with the incorporation of our proactive Threat Detection, Surveillance and Emergency Messaging features.

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