Powerful Pictures with Video Management Systems (A SMART Cities Initiative) Watch Video

Video coverage is a critical component of any effective security solution for your facility and its perimeter. Integrated with a security management system, a powerful Video Management System (VMS) provides accurate visual information to confirm, validate and shed light on incoming alarms and events. Video security systems can archive this documentation for customized periods of time by scaling resolution and frame rates. These records are critical data points in researching activity surrounding alarm events, identifying lapses in security and generating authenticated documentation for use in court.

Looking Towards the Future

TekConnX is leading the way in the implementation of the latest developments in Video Management and Surveillance Systems technology in coordination with our clients and industry partners. We continue to track the growth of “intelligent” video solutions and how they are enhancing the way security personnel monitor and review video footage. We’re preparing for the next generation of video surveillance and analysis technology, featuring enhancements that include video encryption signals and the use of metadata for analytics and enhanced search criteria. These enhanced features, coupled with the ability to pre-program video systems and devices with configurable parameters, allow the systems to make alert decisions and recommendations in response to a potential threat or issue.  TekConnX’ Video Surveillance and Analysis capabilities include:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Analytics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Threat Intelligence and Response (Detection, Delay, Response, Neutralize)
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Wired and Cellular Communication
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Access Control
  • Video Cameras/Imaging
  • Video Management Systems
  • Storage (Hybrid Cloud, Real-time information Retrieval)

With our flexible Integration, we strive to give our customers greater choice in the security platforms they use with all of our IP cameras, recording/playback solutions, video management systems, sensors, and more.  This integration enables dealers and integrators to grow their businesses with video alarm verification services offered through TekConnX and its partners. As a result, end-users will benefit from a unique solution that combines expert quality and reliable security systems from TekConnX with video alarm verification services that provide local authorities with important information when responding to an alarm.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of IT and security solutions that integrate with existing video surveillance and analysis capabilities. To add powerful video components to your security system, call us at 1.888.646.4790 or contact us on the contact page at www.tekconnx.com